Friday, September 7, 2007

Markertek sets two new Land Speed Records for 2007 !!

There is much to report, its been a very busy few days on the Salt Flats. On Wednesday Sept. 5, rider Django Zaloom set a new Land Speed Record for the 125cc M-PS class. On Thursday Sept. 6th, rider Bill Gillis set a new Land Speed Record for the 250cc M-P class. Congratulations guys !!!

Read on for more details on the events leading up to the record making runs..... In a year of less then ideal salt conditions, with poor traction, lack of control and top speed runs, the Markertek Team rallied, adding two new records to last years record by Scott Kolb. Wednesday started cold and windy with dark clouds on the horizon. It was looking like another potential bad weather day for the Bonneville Speed Trails. By 1pm, the day cleared and the wind died. Aside from the slow salt conditions, the day was looking much better. Django and Scott were staged in the record attempt queue for since the previous evening and by 2pm were at pre-stage and sent down to the short course (7mi.) starting point. Django's first pass was good enough to qualify him for a return attempt. Django made his return run and the announcement came from the loudspeakers that a new record had been set !!

The Markertek Team Re-queued in the pre-staging line to make further attempts at the 125cc A-MPS, 125cc MP and 250cc MP classes. The team remained in the pre-staging queue until the end of the day. The team left the Salt Flats on Wednesday night near the head of the pre-stage queue. With good weather forecast for the night and following day, things were looking good for more record breaking runs.

The Markertek Team was back on the Salt by 5:30am, ready for additional record attempts. Scott Kolb, Bill Gillis and Greg Meola were in queue and ready to take their turn on the speedway. While the conditions where great, the day started slow with back to back crashes by three of the high speed streamliners on the long course (9mi.) The event still managed to stay somewhat on schedule and the Markertek team was called to pre-staging at 11:45am. At the end of their down range passes, both Greg and Bill where called to impound as both where had made record potential runs. The return runs went off at approximately 1:45pm. The 250cc machine experienced a slight mechanical problem on its down range run. However, Gillis and the 250cc machine still managed to take a new record home. Making for a two record close to the week for the Markertek Team for 2007.

After clearing off some of the salt and packing the trailer, the Markertek team said goodbye to the Bonneville Salt Flats for 2007. The team left Wendover, UT already talking about 2008, possible new machines and what new records Markertek and set....

Special Thanks to Markertek and Mark Braunstein. With out his generous help and support, the dream of records on the Bonneville Salt Flats would not be the reality they are today. Thanks also to all the team who put in hours and hours of time supporting the team and riders.

See you all in 2008 !!!

Thanks for tuning in....

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Report From the Salt


Apologies for the long delay in posting updates. Believe it or not, there are no internet connections in a 40 mile radius of the Speedway. We’ve managed to located an open signal in town and will be posting from there.

We have had a rough start here at the flats. A large rider/participant turnout along with bad weather has slowed down the process of land speed record attempts. Today the 125cc
Special Construction Partial Streamlined (APS) kneeler bike made a full course run at 123mph. While still shy of the existing class record, we have a few more days to get closer to the mark. We also ran the RS125 Modified Partial Streamliner (M-PS) for a complete course run. The 125cc MPS machine managed a respectable first run of 119.5mph, only 5 mph shy of the existing class record. Unfortunately, the 250cc machine was caught up in a rule interpretation debate with FIM and AMA officials. The rules governing the event were ambiguous as to the class the machine was qualified to run. Eventually, after 3-4 hours of discussion, Markertek, FIM and AMA came to an agreement as to which class the 250cc machine can participate. Unfortunately, the day was cut short due to a severe Thunderstorm and high winds.

We had no choice but to dip into the tequila and our paddock of xr100's for some supermoto racing on the flats. Here's to a better day tomorrow. Thanks for tuning in.
Team Markertek