Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Report From the Salt


Apologies for the long delay in posting updates. Believe it or not, there are no internet connections in a 40 mile radius of the Speedway. We’ve managed to located an open signal in town and will be posting from there.

We have had a rough start here at the flats. A large rider/participant turnout along with bad weather has slowed down the process of land speed record attempts. Today the 125cc
Special Construction Partial Streamlined (APS) kneeler bike made a full course run at 123mph. While still shy of the existing class record, we have a few more days to get closer to the mark. We also ran the RS125 Modified Partial Streamliner (M-PS) for a complete course run. The 125cc MPS machine managed a respectable first run of 119.5mph, only 5 mph shy of the existing class record. Unfortunately, the 250cc machine was caught up in a rule interpretation debate with FIM and AMA officials. The rules governing the event were ambiguous as to the class the machine was qualified to run. Eventually, after 3-4 hours of discussion, Markertek, FIM and AMA came to an agreement as to which class the 250cc machine can participate. Unfortunately, the day was cut short due to a severe Thunderstorm and high winds.

We had no choice but to dip into the tequila and our paddock of xr100's for some supermoto racing on the flats. Here's to a better day tomorrow. Thanks for tuning in.
Team Markertek

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David Wiebe said...

Your homebase cheerleaders from sponsor Monsterballvise.com are yelling "Go, Team GO!" May the weather cooperate and the horsepower kick in big time to push you past the record speed. Have safe rides and let er rip. From your boosters in Woodstock, New York and corporate headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska.